Famous mad scientists

  1. Dr Frankenstein - he reanimated mixed human parts.
  2. Nikola Tesla - He is the orginal definition of mad scientist. A scientist creating good and evil technology in equal measures; often finding further good things in the bad ones.
    1. His inventions include:
      1. the Tesla Coil
      2. AC power
      3. AC power generators
      4. more efficient AC and DC motor designs
      5. improved on the refrigerator
      6. designed the first compact high efficiency, multiple fuel combustion engine - this inspired the Mazda rotory engine, which has many things in common.
      7. Expanded on the Crystal Radio effect (Radiant Energy devices)
      8. Expanded on and upscaled radio principles to become a wireless form of electricity distribution, and global communication
      9. Designed several doomsday devices, built some of them.. most notiably the Harmonic resonator - which nearly brought the building down around him, and allegadly a military offshoot (the orignal “death ray”) combining several things like his lighting machine and radiant energy tower which could jam radar, level a forest, or sink a ship. Myth Busters tried to proove the harmonic resonator didn't work, and nearly broke a bridge in the attempt.
      10. Anti Gravity - he made some interestng notations related to highly charged states
      11. Plasma states - he only touched on this, and still made more progress than humanity has until recently.
    2. Had most of his more interesting research notes and inventions either defamed, seized, supressed or destroyed by the US military, the local government, the local academic community, the church, or himself to stop all the above getting it. It takes someone really special to annoy that many people, and despite years of people trying to make sure he was forgotten, or proove him wrong, it always keeps coming back that yet another thing he said or wrote or built turned out to be correct, true, worked or so close to right that the difference was trivial.
    3. Basically invented, laid the foundation for or inspired every technology we have today, and had working versions of future technologies we have only just began to examine now, and this roughly a hundred years ago.
    4. Is a perfect example of how the all too theologically, financially or emotionally driven scientific peer review process is fundamentally flawed. Had these people succeeded, we would all still have gas lighting, no power stations, and still be living in the age of the horse and cart. Had they not interferred to begin with we would likely be living on other planets by now.
  3. Thomas Edison - he told the peer review community they were full of it, and went on to invent the electric light bulb, even tho everyone told him it was impossible. Then went on to expand xray research, and improve our lives in many other ways. Living proof that not every mad scientist needs to spend a decade in university, and suck up to the peer review community before they can (or perhaps “are allowed” might be better than “can”) discover or announce something worthwhile that gets accepted by everyone else.
  4. Alexander G Bell, prooved that electricity could be used for more than on/off signals. Laid the groundwork for later research that went on to become computers, and various other little things that add up to a big thing.
  5. Marie Curie - Figured out what radium was, xrays, and what you could do with it, now how cool is that?
  6. Einstein - he basically said space is more than just empty space; and time is not fixed - and the two are related. If you don't understand those implications you are on the wrong website.
  7. Henry Ford - A true mad scientist wont let something like forgetting to invent the garage door before inventing the garage and the car to put in it first stop you.
  8. Dr Karl - Living proof that not all scientists need to be shot before anyone is allowed to think of something original for themself. Go Karl!
  9. Dr Phil - Living proof you don't need a Doctorate to be called Dr, he still gets respect. He earnt it.
  10. Myth Busters - Somebody has to do it, and they dont get any madder than these guys.. and they film it!
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