Hackers and Crackers

No self respecting evil genius or mad scientist can do without his army of network nerds.
These guys make sure you know everyone else's business, and nobody knows yours.
Just remember -

  • A hacker can change or adapt what you already have. These guys keep other guys out.
  • A cracker can attack or add more to what you have. These guys get into everyone else's business.
  • A programmer can be both a hacker and a cracker

Overlord PhoenixX 2010/03/06 00:58

Author Notes

Article Notoriety
Author Overlord PhoenixX 2010/03/06 01:02
Difficulty Google it 10/10
Class “The truth”
Other Notes you are not a hacker until someone calls you one
Suggestions We need some dark moody pictures here!
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