Quantum Mechanics

This is the rules that govern the mechanics of the fabric of the universe.

Some examples:

  1. The universe only works because it is split into multiverses by every choice or interaction. Without Choice (or perhaps free will) the universe would be static and unchanging. Everyone and everything would be frozen in place - or simply automitons following a pre-set course. No thought can exist in a static universe.
  2. The universe is effected by the observation of itself. Without observation, all things become uncertainty.
  3. The path of least resistance for the universe is choice. The universe tends to give what is expected. Choose wisely! To quote the Buddha, with our thoughts we make the world.
  4. Each observer exists in their own unique instance of the multiverse. This is a direct conseqence of point 1. What you know to be true in your universe is. (Not simply believe although that is an aspect. Knowing and believing are not the same.) That is a scary thought.
  5. There are certain limitations dictated by the physical world; such as resources - but in general all limiations are simply guidelines. In other words, all things are possible given enough time and singleminded determination.
  6. The faster your travel OR the higher your energy state the slower time will pass for you. This seems odd, as you would think more of something would make it take longer. The lesson here is the more you do the less time it takes to finish it.
  7. Time can pass at different rates to different parts of your body. This is because sometimes you are exposed to high energy objects, masses or particles on different parts of your body, so those parts age at a different rate. Think of it like walking through a black hole that is only 1mm wide, and the event horizon is 1.2mm. The rest of your body is unharmed,since it never crossed the area of effect, but the part that crossed the gravity well had to travel much further and has probably decayed into sub atomic particles - and you now have a hole through your body there, Owch. Something similar happens at the atomic scale when you are hit by cosmic radiation particles of various types.
  8. If something can exist, it will. It might be something very exhotic, and it may only exist on purely hypothetical multiverses but it will exist somewhere.
  9. If I am right I am also wrong. That is the nature of the multiverse.

Got a headache yet?

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