The Secret

This is a series of books and short movies being sold under various guises, which unifies many “Positive thinking”, “thinking big”, “Good karma” and “Prayers being answered” type motivational ideas.

It unites a number of ideas i already had a basic idea of, that basically teach yourself to see the world with a particular mindset in order to improve your position in it.

It is interesting in that it implicates a common relationship between Science, Theology, Philosophy, Metaphysical and Physics (particularly Quantum Mechanics areas) - and it appears to be the real thing. In my opinion they get a little side tracked trying to explain the idea, but even that helps the lay person to understand the idea somewhat. They are correct tho, the more you look into it the more you uncover, because it is actually there to find. A good example is when I wrote this i was thinking it would suck if the power went out while I was editing this before i saved it… and thats exactly what happened !

Below is an edited discussion I had after reading one of the books.

Can someone explain "the secret" what I am reading is starting to sound complicated?

In a nutshell any idea you keep in your mind, and keep focused on, generally finds a way to happen, so only obsess over good things, cause if you obsess over bad things they will tend to happen to you, even if you are obsessing on things happening to others that thing will happen to you not them.

  • Psychology - Another way to say it is you tend to become those things you hate, likewise you become like those things you love, like wise things and people tend to do what is expected of them, but those same things will happen to the person doing the expecting. Expect good things, and expect people to do good things is the safest bet is the bottom line where “the secret” is concerned.
    • Interestingly this falls into the area of basic Psychology. People aim to please. And it makes sense to just think like this anyway. It puts you in a good mood.
    • Nobody likes to expect the worst, so just expect the best. You may think “but what if..” let me put it this way - your “what if”, it's “worry you may be unprepared”. Well by worrying you are just as unprepared if things go right - which makes it even more likely they will go wrong. So Expect and prepare for the best. If anything goes wrong it will be so minor if at all, it will take care of itself - why? Because you are prepared to make everything go right.
      • Example - you expect a flat tire, you make sure the spare is good, you oil the jack. you drive there, oh no a flat tire, lucky you have a spare, you get to your destination - oops you didn't prepare for that you were so worried about your tire maybe going flat, you forgot your wallet. It is all going to go downhill from here, you will have to go home again, you will probably run out of fuel etc etc etc
      • Alternate, you know the spare tire and jack is fine, you known you will get to your destination, what do you need, oh yes, your wallet. You get there you have fun, you come home top up the fuel and relax after a great day.
  • Or as the Buddha is quoted in the tv show “monkey magic”, “with our thoughts we make the world”
  • Religion - if you spend all your efforts praying for something good, you often have your prayer answered. (gets a bit fuzzy what happens if you pray for bad things, presumably you just don't get it; that is the only anomaly. Faith (that you never get bad things you pray for) in this context may be another safety mechanism to avoid bad things)
  • Karma/paganism/old world magic, good things come to those who place their efforts and thoughts on good things, and come back many times worse if you concern yourself with bad things. Looking over some magic related pagan books they all have one thing in common, focus on what you want to happen, expect it to happen, and/or ask the universe deity etc to give you the power to make it happen; most of the time you don't even need to tell anyone, just make preparations with the expectation it will come to pass. They called it a spell or a talisman. Odd thing is; often it did. It wasn't so much the actions you performed as much as doing them made you focus on it.
  • Quantum mechanics, the future you choose (through infinite possibilities defined by choice)is the path your mind will follow, or every choice you make defines/create the quantum reality path that you ultimately follow in effect defining your reality. This is “the secret” in its purest form - and it is science.
  • Quantum physics, sometimes the only way to make the universe manifest or react is the observation of it, the observation itself being a choice you make that makes up the universes mind for it… Einstein always used a reference to “the observer” but never made a point to explain why the observer was necessary beyond his example.
  • Bible - There is some Bible quotes in there too… “the secret” book mentions them - basically this whole idea has been an on going theme all through science, history, theology and religion. Scary thing is it has hard, and fringe science and conservative and extremist religion behind it. Scary part is they all agree on it and don't even realize.
  • Tree falling in the woods territory, how can you measure reality/the universe without a mind entering into it? Consider this - Imagine there is a universe, it has dimensions and physics and mathematics that all follow entirely different rules. It is an entirely different dimension, universe and plane of existence so alien we would struggle even to comprehend it. It is massive and full of many wonders. But there is no way to get to it, and nothing with a mind as we understand it occupying or living in this universe. So does this universe exist? It must if you just thought it up. But only in your imagination. But if you didn't think it up, how could it exist, you cant get to it, you cant have faith in its existence, nothing lives there to see it, if it existed at all there would be nothing for the concept of time to work on, so this universe would be frozen in place as nothingness. It would be a static universe, even the possibility of existing is denied to it because - there is no mind entering into it to “observe” it. There is that Einstein reference again.

Examples and further thinking - Hack the Universe

From here the line gets a bit fuzzy, read at risk of your own sanity.

Here is the “parcel” example, if you know without a shadow of a doubt that there is a parcel waiting for you at the post office, then there is - the who/how/why never enters into it, you simply find a way to get to the post office and get the parcel, once you have the parcel, the who/how/why just clicks in. Like a tree does a parcel exist if nobody is there to see it or deliver it? Thats a paradox, but no, someone has to be there, either to send it or to deliver it or pick it up. An oddity here is I have often had a parcel pickup card for an item we already picked up but didn't realize.. the weird thing is by the time I go to collect it, there was often another parcel waiting so I got the parcel I expected by going to get it. See what happened there?

I am not talking wishful thinking, although that plays a part, or belief although belief gone to the point of faith, and faith gone to the point of knowing is part of the same system. “The secret” is an odd little concept that it appears is both one of the spiritual and quantum pillars of the universe and reality, that there is no doubt if it exists or not, because our entire reality would cease to work if it didn't.

Reality & Universe = Time & Observation(observer) & Space + (Energy (Mass & Light Squared)) stupid as it sounds it is a unified theory, and it also unites science and religion which makes it a bit unique. The only reason I can think this has not been made into a scientific formula is the ego of the scientist. They would be thinking, there is no way that can be right.. the “id” is a crucial part of a unified theory equation? How would you even write that as an equation. Einstein hinted at it when he used the key term “..the observer” in many of his works.

It's a scary idea which is why it was often concealed by those in power or religion, as in the old world it was a dangerous idea, that could make kings of paupers; and mad men of intellectuals.

The really dangerous part for religion is it makes gods of us all; and the universe into god. Which would undermine the materialistic aspects of most religions. Ie, if I am a god of my own universe, and the universe is a god that will give me whatever I know and expect will happen, then why am i giving you (the priest, the church, the state, the government whatever) my gold, holdings, loyalty and life?

Good question. It is also why the Pope ordered the extermination of the Cathars and knights templar, they were a non-materialistic spiritual movement at risk of spreading that very idea.

Actually it gets kind of spooky if you go into it further.. if the universe can't exist without a mind entering into it, in effect every individual person lives in their own personal universe, which contains two things, the universe who manifests our every whim (you could call that god) and ourself. What does that make US?, a god or the devil?

If all energy and matter last forever but just change states, and the built in mind safety mechanism automatically switches you to the nearest reality “track” (quantum mechanics concept) you are still alive any time anything bad might have happened, this means in effect we all live forever.. so what happened to those who came before us?

What happens at the moment they have decided that they have died?

How does the safety mechanism deal with that?

Do we simply at that moment get switched to a reality where we are just asleep, and dream up an entire new universe in which we are no longer a part of?

This could mean in addition to quantum reality, we have layers upon layers of realities created by those who came before us, all frozen in place by the minds of those who came before. This opens up the scary possibility of universes all eventually becoming fixed, but keep going as well; in effect when you die you BECOME the next universe, so now you start as the devil, decide you are dead dream up a new universe, which is what in effect you become, and every mind you dream up in your universe creates even more of their own universes continuing the process to infinity. So basically we are born the child of god, become our own devil, then die and become our own god. Dangerous idea.

To really give you a headache, imagine the implications to something like reincarnation. You are born into your own universe, created by someone who came before you, sometimes that person who came before you may bleed a little of themselves into some things that come after.. it can happen because that person may beleive it can. But then those same people exist in infinite universes dreamed up by other “sleepers” making everyone a part of everyone else somewhere too. In a way everyone is a part of the person that came before. It's a feedback loop. Owch. Snap goes my brain.

Let me simplify. Hold two mirrors up against them self, and have a look in them :=) Then while you are looking wiggle one of the mirrors a bit. If you are quick you just might see the delay at the end.

The only danger here is it reinforces the concept that all things are possible. ALL THINGS. Even crazy scary boogy monster, angels and demons and UFO aliens and space ships type stuff. It doesn't mean all those things are possible for everyone, only those to whom are in your same universe space. Just because you see a ghost it doesn't mean anyone else will see anything more than a bit of dust in the air in their reality. Or a crazy person with mental health issues. Be careful what you wish for; it shapes YOUR reality; YOU just might get it.

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