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WIKI is now closed - due to scumbag seo tainters creating illegal accounts to spam. Remember this website is meant to be fun; not 100% accurate.

If you wish to submit an article, please email it with the subject, category and if it is fact, fiction or somewhere in between to admin [at] reviews [period] wox [period] org

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Mad Scientists Info

Welcome to the Mad Scientists WIKI the place for all your interesting new, fringe, theoretical, Insane or unverifiable (or occasionally verifiable) science, invention, technological, physics or quantum needs.

Just the place for budding/armchair/mad scientists, inventors or megalomaniacs to self publish or browse all those new interesting imaginative or downright crazy topics.

Here are some starting points - or you can type something and hit search above.

How to Use this WIKI

  3. How to Format Pages syntax and syntax
  4. Conditions/Writing Guidelines for articles
    1. Articles should be interesting and/or plausible. (or at least sound plausible even if it is entirely fiction. Remember very little separates “fiction”/“theoretical”/“practical” these days.)
      1. Articles should be notable in so far as it might interest an evil genius or mad scientist (or just benefit mankind if you were in charge). Ask yourself, if I had unlimited staff, equipment and money, and no morals, could I pursue any sort of research in this area?
      2. Articles on crazy comic book gadgets, making / recruiting mutants and minions, hell ye! (but maybe tell us which comic it was!)
      3. Articles should be something said evil genius or mad scientist might have thought of, considered, discussed or written down. (But don't let that hold you back!)
      4. Where an article is entirely fictional or even entirely possible, could the author please place a footnote somewhere with their opinion on the matter (or a link to a website on the topic.) Feel free to link to those evil discussion boards or sites frowned on by wikipedia with self published material. After all an evil genius will stop at nothing! (And might not want to re-explain something all over again)
      5. Real science is allowed, but should be of interest to the evil or mad scientists - see above rule.
      6. Just because you are a mad scientist, it does not mean you are an evil one. Good guys can post too!
    2. If possible retain any earlier content created by other users, feel free to expand on it; correct grammar or spelling however.
    3. No random (or otherwise) deletions. This is a fun Wiki not a place to push theological/mainstream/Peer review(or restricted) doctrines.
    4. Please avoid revert wars - if you don't agree with an article; expand on what you don't agree with and suggest alternatives. Where expanding may harm an article, create another article, and link to it from the article you don't agree with.
    5. Even if it sounds like nonsense, that is fine as long as it is interesting or amusing.
    6. Any obvious advertising needs to be approved by the admin. However if it is in the spirit of the article (eg, a link to United Nuclear on a page about Atomic Fuel etc) that should be fine. If in doubt or you find a questionable ad highlight it or mention on the suggestions page.
    7. Please keep any adult content to a minimum, unless it specifically compliments an article. Eg an article on secret agents, female interrogation, or spy cars might not be complete without a questionable female picture or reference. Everyone wants to be James Bond and get the girl. Just make sure it doesn't have a copyright to bite us.
    8. Don't forget to sign your article! I would suggest you use your Evil Genius name - Eg, Mad scientists should use “Dr” and their name or nickname. Evil Geniuses and Megalomaniacs could use “Master” or “Overlord” or “Emperor” and their name/nickname. Or just your real name/nickname but that's not as interesting!
    9. Try to use the same nickname when signing (or create an account and use that to add articles, then it keeps track automatically)
    10. Remember to create a page for your own user, true mad scientists will want to brag or advertise their website, hobby, business, lab, or secret underground missile protected heavily armed bunker base.

..and remember, all your base are belong to us!

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